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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I live out in the country, and that was my choice. I wanted to be away from people and their noises and their big machines. I didnít want a booming bass to rattle my walls, or stomping feet to shake my ceiling. I didnít want cars blocking my driveway. Almost as important, I didnít want to have to worry about my own booming bass and stomping feet. I like being outside the tumult.

There are occasional disadvantages to living on an island, of course. What if the bridge is out? Thatís how it seemed today. I felt as if I spent half the day waiting for the light to change so I could get across the freeway and back into the world. The world is where the bank and the grocery store are, and itís also where I had to go to pick up D.J. from school. The world didnít want to let me in.

Iíll take the trade-off, though. If I have to put up with the interminable wait for the longest traffic light in the world the change from red to green, thatís a small price to pay for what I have out here. When I lived in town, I could see a traffic light from my front window. I could see cars running the light. I could see cars running into each other. Iím well out of that mess.

26 September 2005

Cloud bank.

Waiting for the light was definitely worth it to hear about D.J.ís new pet cheetah. He assured me that he was pretending to have a pet cheetah, and then described it in great detail. Itís friendly and knows how to keep its claws in, and it only eats meat pies. If it wants desert, it gets peanut butter. At one point D.J. interrupted himself in mid-sentence and said, ďIím sorry Iím talking so much.Ē But before I could tell him I didnít mind, he was off again, telling me how he picked the softest cheetah and paid a dollar for it.

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Rookie utility player Chris Burke was the Astrosí offensive spark in their game one loss, with a two-run homer, and tonight he hit a single and a triple, scored two runs and drove in another in his teamís 4-1 win that evens the series with the Cardinals at a game apiece. Roy Oswaltís brilliant pitching gets a lot of credit, and he shouldnít be overlooked (as he will be in this yearís Cy Young voting, despite the fact that heís the only player in the National League with 20 wins in each of the last two seasons). But Burke, who ended Sundayís marathon against the Braves with an eighteenth-inning homer, was the star tonight.

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