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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Itís good people found various ways to keep me busy today, because something in my mind wasnít working quite right. Iím usually a fairly decent self-starter, but if I hadnít had a push here and there, I might not have moved at all. Once I got going, I was okay until I lost my mind again. Sometimes itís okay not to be left alone. Just donít ever tell anybody I said that.

Part of the reason was the usual, lack of sleep. But the reason for the lack of sleep was different. I went to bed with an awful headache last night. I thought sleep would actually help, and it might have if Iíd been able to cross over (as they donít say). I donít know how much sleep I got, but when I woke up this morning the headache was worse, and I finally decided to do something about it.

After a couple of extra-strength whatevers, and half an hour or so to let them work, my head no longer ached. So now all I had to deal with was the residual problem of not enough sleep, together with a determined lack of motivation. The Boss, as usual, came through. I got a six-page proposal letter to type, but at least he didnít wait until after hours to fax it this time.

22 September 2005

Frantic cloud action.

Iím doing a little better tonight. I donít know what that headache was all about. It started at the back of my upper jaw and moved in waves upward. Sometimes it stopped just below my eyes, sometimes just above. I know it was probably sinus- or allergy-related, because thatís what kind of day it was. I guess I should have taken the headache medicine last night, before I went to bed, but I wasnít thinking clearly at the time.

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Iím sure the White Sox didnít expect a walkover in game one of the ALCS, even though this was the Angelsí third game in three cities in three nights. Iím sure the Angels didnít expect to fold from weariness, either, but thatís probably what almost everyone else expected. It didnít happen, though. The Angels played well and got strong pitching and won, 3-2. The win was more than symbolic, because it shifts home field advantage in this series distinctly westward.

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