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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

There are things Iíd change about myself if I could. Actually, thatís probably not the right way to put that. What I mean is, there are things Iíd change about myself if it were easy. Not easy? Not interested.

But as I was listening to D.J. chatter in the back seat on the way home from school today, I thought, ďWhy canít I be more like this kid?Ē

He started by telling me about the new friend he made. Sometimes this other kid is a pain, but he helped D.J. when he got hurt on the playground. (They later collaborated on removing the bandage, since he didnít really need it.) Some of the other kids donít like D.J.ís new friend, because he can be annoying. The big selling point was that this new friend didnít mind that D.J. already had other friends. I donít know how first grade dynamics work, exactly, but apparently that could have been a problem.

I have to admit I didnít follow everything he told me about his new friend. The friend said a bad word, but D.J. didnít hold it against him because it was an accident. The bad word, it turns out, was ďshut up,Ē which the boy had said when some girls told him to be quiet. As in, ďBe quiet,Ē as opposed to the bad way of saying it.

ďUncle Mike,Ē he told me, ďwhen you make a friend, you stay friends forever.Ē I didnít have the heart to tell him the truth. (Or to remind him of it, since like most of us, he has a lot of ex-friends.) In a way, I am like him, because I often choose to believe Hallmark sentiments even though I know reality is usually more Beavis and Butthead than Care Bears.

20 September 2005

Western skyline.

What I really admire is his openness. He and his new friend were benched at first recess (but not at lunch) today, and when I asked him why, he told me. It wasnít anything much, just that the teacher had asked him to stop banging his feet on his chair and he had done it again. Why? ďI just forgot.Ē Well, that happens. And Iím only telling you this because he would tell you himself if he had a chance. All you have to do is be willing to listen.

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When Chris Carpenter had to leave the game in the seventh inning with an injury, the Cardinals had a safe 8-0 lead in game one of their series. But the Padres didnít win the west by giving up just because they stunk. They scored five runs in the last three innings and had the tying runs on base when Jason Isringhausen struck out Ramon Hernandez to end the game, with the Cardinals winning, 8-5... In their own game one, the White Sox, who hadnít won a postseason game since 1959, beat the Red Sox, who had won eight straight on their way to last yearís championship, 14-2... And as much as Iíd love to hate the Yankees, I have a special feeling for the Angels and was not sorry to see them lose, 4-2, although they also had the tying run at the plate when the game ended. Besides, these arenít anybodyís mighty Yankees; theyíre as much a patchwork team as anyone in the playoffs.

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