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Monday, October 4, 2004

Okay, now I have a large clear space on one side of my bedroom, and nothing to put there. I hauled several more boxes upstairs today, taking care to go slowly so I didnít hurt myself (or fall down (or both)). Thereís still plenty of room in the loft for more, too, but I have to decide how to use it. Not that thereís any shortage of clutter that wouldnít look better where no one could see it.

So what do I do with the extra downstairs space? I was thinking a chair would be nice, but I donít have a chair. I tried it out late this afternoon, piling a couple of pillows next to the window and trying to read. It just gets dark so early, though, especially when the fog is rolling in over the hills. After ten minutes or so, I couldnít see the page.

Still, I donít intend to bring anything back down. I like the wide open spaces. Thereís only one big problem, and Iím sure you can see what it is. Any empty spot in my house simply attracts more clutter. I canít see that beautiful expanse of bare carpeting staying that way for long. Ancient bad habits hang on with the grip of a bulldogís jaw.

25 September 2004

Corner of the house

You know, a better solution would be to throw a lot of things away. Thatís what Mom is doing, rather ruthlessly in these last few days before she moves. Most of the things Iím storing upstairs are so insubstantial that I wouldnít miss them if they disappeared. So why canít I just disappear them?

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The playoffs start tomorrow with three games. Baseball all day long! Itís a good thing I can work and watch at the same time. I did a little accounting, and the Red Sox are the playoff team with the most ex-Giants on the roster, if you count Adam Hydzu, who never actually played in San Francisco (and Alan Embree, who if I recall correctly was run out of town on a rail). The Angels are the only team with no ex-Giants, unless Andres Galarraga makes the postseason roster. The Twins have four ex-Giant pitchers (any or all of whom the Giants could have used down the stretch). Letís see what they can do against the Yankees (who have only Kenny Lofton).

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