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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I donít mind that they remodeled my Target store. In fact, Iím really glad theyíre finally finished with it, and the parking lot isnít choked with material and equipment every time I go there. Not that I go there very often. In fact, I didnít even know that they were finished with the remodel when I showed up on my errand run this morning.

As soon as I walked in the front door, I noticed something vaguely wrong. Everything was on the opposite side of the store from where it was supposed to be. But the greeting cards and wrapping paper were right in front of me, so I didnít panic. Those items were part of the reason I was there, and although the selection was pretty weak, I found what I needed.

Thatís more than I can say for the menswear department. What a mess that was. They donít have the socks I used to buy, so I had to settle. They donít have the T-shirts I used to get there, so I had to compromise. The selection looks to be about half as large as it was before, and way more upscale than Iíd expect to find there. We donít need another high end department store, especially if itís going to replace my Target.

Maybe I was already grumpy when I walked in, what with driving through traffic just to get there. But I was grumpier after Iíd been wandering around the store for half an hour (on company time). I guess Iíll get used to the changes. Either that, or Iíll find another store. Itís just that this one is so convenient. Or anyway, it used to be.

26 September 2005

Sky on fire.

My excuse for shopping on company time is that Target is next to the office supply store where I had to go because Iím rapidly running out of envelopes. Guess what. They were out of envelopes, too. The customer service person made a phone call and told me they had what I wanted at the store in the next town. Could they deliver? Yes, for eight dollars. Eight dollars! So I came home and went on line and found a cheaper place that delivers free. So now I have one less excuse to shop at Target on company time, and one more reason to be grumpy.

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Some of the players that helped the Astros get to the second round of last yearís playoffs went on to greener pastures (emphasis on the green). Carlos Beltran is with the Mets. Jeff Kent is with the Dodgers. And while the Mets and Dodgers are through for the year, the Astros are back in the postseason without those players, looking pretty good after todayís 10-5 win over the Braves in game one Atlanta... The defending champions needed a big game from their big game pitcher (not that guy, the other one), and they got it. Except for the fifth inning, David Wells was outstanding today in Chicago. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, the White Sox came back from 4-0 down with five runs in that fifth inning, then held on to win, 5-4, and go up 2-0 in the series... As a member of last yearís Red Sox, Orlando Cabrera had a great playoff series against the Yankees. Tonight he had the key hit for the Angels, a two-run, seventh-inning single, to help them come from behind and beat the Yankees, 5-3, and even that series at a game apiece.

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