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Sunday, October 24, 2004

If I had done anything today other than sitting around reading and watching TV, there would have been only one reason for it. I would have done it so I would have something more interesting to write about than sitting around reading and watching TV (which Iím going to try not to write about).

I thought about it. I thought about cleaning house (another scintillating topic for a journal entry). I thought about going through the rest of my election ballot, so that I can mail it off tomorrow, also, but then I decided to wait another day. Thereís no World Series game tomorrow, so Iíll have a little more time for politics.

The World Series didnít use to last until almost November. But then, it didnít use to be played by teams like the Red Sox, who didnít even win their division title. And it didnít use to be played at night, not even one game, much less all of them. I remember listening to it at school on a transistor radio, back in the day. Iím not saying it was better, but it was.

Whatís better now than it was then is that I can spend a Sunday lying around doing nothing more strenuous than laundry, nothing more mentally engaging than counting up my wins in the football pool (not enough, as usual), and nothing at all to advance the cause of civilization.

20 October 2004


Well, almost nothing. I canít say I did absolutely nothing today, because I did some typing. They faxed so many pages to me yesterday that I shut down and tried to forget about them. But we take over the Kennel a week from tomorrow, and I know some of these things are time-sensitive. The fact that they got to me too late isnít my fault, but it immediately becomes my responsibility not to turn them around too late. So I did some typing today, but it still didnít engage my mind or tax my body (except that fractious wrist).

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Is Bill Buckner off the hook yet? He played in an era when one error cost the Red Sox a win in the World Series. (He knows because it was his error and no one in baseball has ever let him forget.) Nowadays, you can commit eight errors, as the Red Sox have done, and still win the first two games of the Series, including tonightís 6-2 win over the Cardinals. You have to give them credit for battling around those errors, but you also have to blame the Cardinals for not taking advantage of them. Pretty shabby all around.

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