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Monday, October 25, 2004

Sometimes (like, almost always) I roll into Monday morning saying that I know itís going to be a rough week but really thinking that itís not going to be that bad. In fact, that might be the only way I can get myself to crawl out of bed on a Monday. I even invoke that philosophy when I should know better. This week, I absolutely know better, and yet I still got up this morning. Why, Iím not sure. Lack of options, I guess.

Somehow, I got through Monday. Now I have only three more Mondays before Friday, which might or might not turn out to be another Monday itself. I know that on one of these looming Mondays, probably Wednesday or Thursday, Iíll have to get in my car and drive a hundred miles in a driving rainstorm to sign yet another piece of paper. This business of starting a new business is really giving me the business.

The only week of the year when Iím busier than the last week in October is the last week in January. Thatís only because quarterly payments due in January are compounded by annual payments due at the same time. But Iíve never had a week like this one, when weíre in the final stages of the big push to take over The Kennel as of next Monday. Itís pretty horrible, if you want to know the truth. But worth it! (Or so I have to tell myself.)

All this extra pressure is either good or bad. I havenít quite decided yet. It forces me to get things done, but it keeps me from getting other things done. I guess Iíll know at the end of the week if it turns out to be a glazed donut or a moldy slab of fruitcake. Iíd settle for a hunk of stale zucchini bread, if it comes to that.

20 October 2004


Another thing I do, over and over again despite experience that tells me not to, is tell myself Iím going to do something tomorrow. Tomorrow has a way of not showing up on time. Thereís always another tomorrow, tomorrow. Thatís my deadline syndrome, and itís coming right down to it. I want to mail my absentee ballot in time for it to be counted. Iím going to have to take care of this as soon as possible. Like, tomorrow.

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The storm hit about 10:00 pm tonight, and itís already a wild one. Either Iím hearing thunder, or someone is playing a kettledrum out on Llano Road. The wind and rain are loud out there, too, but so far my power hasnít gone out. The DSL has, but not the electricity. I also still have my phone and fax, darn the luck.

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