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Saturday, October 23, 2004

We said goodbye to a lot of relics and heirlooms today. We tried to, anyway. Moving into a smaller place forced Mom to make some hard choices and give up a lot of stuff. We tend to accumulate stuff in this family, and some of the stuff we tried to sell at the garage sale today has been around since before any of us were born.

On the other hand, it was a chance for her to make some money off clothes sheíll never wear again. Itís a shame she had to get rid of all her knickknacks, but nobody needs that many rabbit figurines, not really. I tried to talk her into keeping some of them, but she wasnít going for it.

Itís too bad it rained today, though. Suzanne worked hard last night getting things ready to go out in her driveway, and then this morning when we woke to a steady drizzle she had to scramble to find room in the garage. Itís lucky she has a humongous garage, but the crowds didnít come out in the rain anyway. We had sporadic visitors until early in the afternoon, and then it dried up. Not the driveway, the traffic.

There seems to be a lot of stuff left, but counting the money and thinking back on what was sold, it appears Mom did pretty well after all. It could have been better on a sunny day, but you have to play the hand youíre dealt. Nobodyís complaining. What good would that do?

20 October 2004


Besides, we didnít really sell anything priceless or irreplaceable. The really, really old things strangers took home with them are mostly things nobody in the family has looked at in years. We still had them because we had room. Now we donít, and theyíre gone. As we went through the boxes a few things came to light that we didnít want to part with, so we didnít. If youíre flexible enough to make up the rules as you go along, you can probably eliminate some of the regrets that crop up later on. Thatís what Iím thinking, anyway.

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Some people will look at game one of the World Series tonight in Boston and say, "Great game." After all, the two teams scored a total of 20 runs, and they both had even more scoring chances. This game could have ended 21-19, instead of in an 11-9 Red Sox win over the Cardinals. But it was an inelegantly played contest, full of errors and walks and baserunning blunders and other mistakes that made me wince and scowl. Iíd rather see the two league champions play like it than see them stumbling and bumbling like that. A team that makes four errors and walks six opposing batters should not win a spring training game, much less a World Series game. Thatís ten batters that didnít have to earn their way on base. I like good pitching and good defense, and I hope we get to see a little of it through the rest of the series.

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