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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hereís what I needed out of today: A block of uninterrupted time, estimated at seven or eight hours. As few distractions as possible (e.g., what I hoped to accomplish would not have been possible during baseball season). And for the project to go smoothly, without ruts and bumps that would force me to do the same thing over and over. (For example, it couldnít be one of those days when the bank statement couldnít be reconciled on at least the second (or third) attempt, especially since I was reconciling ten bank statements in a row.)

Obviously it was too much to ask for everything to go perfectly. I found errors the Kennel workers had made, and I found a few I had made. I even had questions about some wacky numbers the bank seemed to have pulled out of a black hole. In the end, though, Iím now finally satisfied of two things. First, the last two years of bank statements now balance with each other. And second, I know how much money we have in the bank. I think I do, anyway.

20 November 2009

Youíd think giving up so many weekends to this project would free up some of my time. Well, it does. It frees up the time I need to do all the other work Iíve had to put off while going over these statements. Iím not complaining, though. After all, thatís my job. Itíll be nice to get back to doing it again.

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