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Monday, November 21, 2005

I went on the warpath today. Some things just bug me, and I have to try to do something about them, even though I know thereís nothing I can do. I can have all the spam filters in the world, and spam will still find its way to my inbox. Itís one of many problems with no solutions, and yet I canít live with myself unless I try.

Todayís mini-war was against junk faxes, and it actually started at 11:30 last night. I was in no mood. And my thought was that anyone who would fax me at 11:30 pm should hear from me. So I dialed the toll-free removal line and keyed in my fax number and got the usual thank you (for what? telling you I donít want you to bug me any more?).

And I did it several more times today. Sometimes its investment advice, which I donít need since I have no money. Sometimes its health insurance, which I donít have to buy for myself since I get it through my job. Sometimes its mortgage services, and ha ha ha, very funny. I know removing my number from the list is at best a temporary remedy, but I have to do something. Or feel like Iím doing something.

3 November 2005

Mostly cloudy.

The last junk fax tonight was an advertisement from a telemarketing firm, inviting me to let them phone and annoy people on my behalf. All I have to do is call them and let them create a script and launch a campaign. Nowhere on their fax does it tell me who it is Iím dealing with, but they promise to call 10,000 ďprospectsĒ in any area I choose. Yeah, thatís the impression I want to make on people, because I know how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel when it happens to me. I especially like their tag line, ďYour phone will ring, or your money back.Ē Shudder.

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What I listened to today on Rhapsody: Back to Bedlam, by James Blunt (the lost Gibb brother?)... Witching Hour, by Ladytron (like being stuck in the restroom at a disco)... Liz Phairís new one, Somebodyís Miracle (Liz? You awake?).

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