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Friday, November 21, 2003

On the cruise I took a nap every day, and I found long periods of time to sit and read. Every day. I haven't done either since I got home Sunday night. Naturally, I blame my job. I work all day, and by the time the sun goes down my eyes are too tired to read. And there's something about taking a nap just a few hours before I'm supposed to go to bed that doesn't seem right.

While I was on the ship I did a lot of eating, but I also got a lot of exercise. Maybe it didn't even out, because I came home having gained two or three pounds. (I couldn't quite read the scale. I really do need new glasses.) Since I've been home I'm eating a little less, but not as healthily. And the only exercise I get is walking to the post office, which I've done only twice in five days.

During the whole week and a half I was gone, I didn't worry about work, or much of anything else. I did fret and stew about how I would fit in and whether I'd find my way around the ship, but once those problems were settled, I relaxed almost completely, unlike any vacation I can remember. I didn't even worry about spending money. I just did it.

Now that I'm home, I'm still spending money, but I'm worrying about it more, too. And I'm anxiously waiting for the credit card bill to arrive in the mail. This might be a long, cold winter.

I'm glad there are children in the family again. I can indulge my holiday shopping fantasies on them, and just do the best I can for the adults on my list, safe in the knowledge that they can't possibly expect much. Everybody's in the same boat (so to speak), having sunk (sorry) all their extra money into the cruise (and other frivolous necessities). I'll try not to obsess about it, but you know me. I'll have sleepless nights anyway, so I might as well be worrying about things that matter.

At least I won't be spending any money on new clothes for myself for a while. I pretty much took care of that before and during the cruise.

12 November 2003

Islands in the bay at Mazatlán.

Still, I have to get back into those good habits. Regular sleeping hours, and taking time out to read during the day — those are important ways to nourish the soul. Eating and exercising right — that's the key to keeping the body in motion. I wonder if I'll ever actually do it, or just keep talking about it.

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