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Thursday, November 4, 2004

There comes a time when any more analysis just reinforces the same thoughts and emotions youíve already expressed, without shedding any new light. I donít mean to say that there isnít any new light to shed, but a little distance might be helpful. The feelings, believe it or not, are still too raw to afford a fresh perspective.

That doesnít mean you stop thinking about it, because you canít. And it doesnít even mean you stop talking about it. But Iím through (for now) trying to figure out what went wrong (or what went right, for that matter).

I had a long talk with Eric last night, and we commiserated over the election results. We donít always agree on issues, and we didnít mark our ballots the same way this time. But we do share values that we thought were betrayed both in the campaign and in the voting. It was cathartic for me to have him to bounce my frustrations off.

And tonight, with Tammy away at a Discovery Toys meeting, it was just David and me (and D.J. and Dakota and Aiden) to work our way through it one more time. Itís invigorating, actually, to have this lively discussion with him, because he stays up half the night walking the baby and watching CNN. Heís usually much better informed on the latest details than I ever am.

Even so, we are equally mystified by the way the other side thinks (although we pretty much concluded that the red states hate the blue states because they think the blue states look down on them (and theyíre probably right)). Anyway, itís my kind of argument. I like debating people who agree with me. Itís so much easier that way, and Iím pretty much done with trying to convince the ones who disagree, at least until I catch my breath.

4 November 2004

Aiden (now five months old) thinks big brother Dakota is quite amusing.

I had no business going out of the house tonight. Iím completely worn out from trying to get the kennel up and running in our first week as masters there, and today was particularly stressful. But I really needed the fresh air and fresh faces. I needed to hear D.J. tell me what he would do if a boulder fell on his head. (He would close his eyes.) I needed to see Dakota methodically take an empty water bottle and pretend to pour something into a spoon, and then pretend to drink it, for no reason I can figure out.

And I needed to hear Aiden giggle and see him standing on his own (well, almost). Any rest I could get from spending those few hours moping around my stuffy house wouldnít have refreshed my spirit nearly as much.

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I canít say Iím sorry to see that John Ashcroft will probably resign as Attorney General before the inauguration. Heís been an eloquent spokesman for the restriction of civil liberties, and anyone the president could name as his replacement would almost have to be better. I would have a lot more respect for a true conservative than I do for someone who would rewrite the Bill of Rights to allow the government to track the books I check out of the library.

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