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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

There isn't a lot of time left, and what time I have is not enough, but I took a few minutes to make one last desperate visit to Target today. Desperate, because I knew I wouldn't find another pair of shorts for the cruise, not on a day when the temperature didn't get over 50F.

The whole men's department was nothing but heavy coats, thick gloves, wool hats and the like. I know it's November, but this isn't Connecticut. (Not that there's anything wrong with Connecticut, as far as I know.)

Anyway, no shorts. Maybe I'll find something at Disneyland. Or maybe the one pair of shorts I have that fit will last me the whole ten days. (More likely I'll spill mustard or pizza sauce or something on them at Disneyland Saturday and not be able to wear them the rest of the trip.)

I didn't get out of Target without spending some money. I bought an XXL T-shirt to sleep in. Actually, I bought three, because the shirts come in packages of three. One is white, so that leaves only two that I can wear in public, a gray and a black. Not that I sleep in public, but who knows if I might have to emerge from my stateroom for a fire drill or something? I can't have yellow stains around the collar.

Trust me, I sleep alone enough of the time that the white shirt will get plenty of use. At least I have a gray one and a black one for the ship and the hotel. And at least I got to spend a couple of dollars at Target, even if what I was looking for was out of season.

3 November 2003

Clouds above my house.

Obviously (is it obvious?) I felt much better today than I did yesterday. I can't come up with any reason for it. I didn't get any more sleep or have a pile of dollar bills fall into my lap. The sky wasn't any less cloudy. It was just part of the cycle, I guess.

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Okay, there's one reason I feel better. We're definitely not leaving before noon Friday. That takes a huge amount of pressure off. That half day means a lot.

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