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Friday, November 5, 2004

The extra work load from running two businesses instead of one kind of hit home today, when the checkbook for The Kennel arrived in the mail. Itís not just that Iíll be using it to pay bills, but I also have to deposit receipts and keep track of cash flow and reconcile bank statements.

I have to gather payroll information from the employees of the new company and make sure theyíre paid, and then I have to pay the payroll taxes. Iím already doing all this for one company, with ten employees. Now Iíll be doing it for a second, with three.

Construction workers like to be paid weekly, while kennel workers apparently prefer to get their checks twice a month. This means different tax rates and different pay schedules and I just know Iím going to end up rifling through Circular E every two weeks trying to figure out how much to deduct from all those paychecks.

I had such a smooth system going, and we were supposed to be getting help with the new stuff. The help didnít come through, and now nothing is going all that smoothly.

Do I dare complain? I donít. (Except here.) I can moan a bit, and I can tell people to back off me so I can get my work done. Iíve always done that, but now I can do it twice as often, and with twice as much conviction.

We also have 91 permanent tenants at The Kennel, and 38 temporary ones. Iím getting some help with billing them monthly and collecting the rents, but thereís still plenty for me to do. This is a kind of business I know nothing about, and itís also totally new to everyone else I work with. The potential for disaster is huge, and the margin of error is tiny.

But I canít complain, can I? Iíll be getting a retirement nest egg out of this some day, without putting in any money of my own. Unless you consider time to be money, that is. If time is money, I think Iím putting in a full share. And liking it. Whether I like it or not.

4 November 2004

Aiden and David.

Little glitches keep coming up. The trauma I mentioned in passing in yesterdayís entry has to do with credit. We are a new company with no credit history, and yet we have to set up open accounts with suppliers of various kennel-related items (specifically beer, wine and snacks). I hope the suppliers are willing to accept the fact that the same people who own the kennel also own a successful construction company, and that weíve been paying our bills on time for thirty years.

I also hope they realize that if we can pay for lumber and hardware, we can probably pay for Bud Lite and Cheez-its.

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Compromise? When we were in power and they were the minority, did they compromise with us? They fought us tooth and nail (ooh, I like that expression) to keep us from doing what we know needs to be done for the poor and working people, for the environment, and for equal access to civil liberties for all minorities. Now they want to compromise? I donít even believe it. Theyíre not going to give us anything in return for our support.

And weíre not going to give up our principles just to give them the illusion that the country is united behind them. Because it isnít. John Kerry got more votes than any presidential candidate in U.S. history (except for the guy who beat him). That tells me there are plenty of people who donít want the Bush agenda (I refuse to call it ďconservative,Ē because it isnít, and true conservatives should be almost as nervous as liberals) pushed down their throats.

Do we roll over for these guys? No, we donít. We stand and fight. Tooth and nail.

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