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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More and more lately, it seems I spend my time either running away from sleep or creeping toward it. And more and more, I find myself not controlling which direction Iím going. Iím still a night person who likes to sleep late in the morning, but for the past few days Iíve been waking up too early, crashing in the middle part of the day, and still staying up way past any semblance of a reasonable hour.

My choice, as always, is to live with it. I accept that this is how my body works, and I recognize that all the times in the past when Iíve tried to change it have resulted in even more fatigue and less of a clear head. Iím muddling through without judgment or alarm.

Well, maybe a little alarm. Maybe I wish it were different, if only so that I could be on everyone elseís schedule. No judgment, though. None forthcoming, none accepted.

12 May 2010

At some point during any given 24-hour period Iím awake, and alert and ready for whatever life throws my way. And at some point Iím asleep. I wouldnít mind having more control of the ďwhenĒ of it all, but Iím beyond obsessing about it.

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