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Friday, May 12, 2006

I really thought this was the day, but it turned out to be just another day like every other day for the last two weeks. I did do without any pain reliever until almost dark, and I lasted without the brace nearly as long. But as the day wore on, I wore out, and the pain came back. If Iíd got my Kaiser password in the mail today, I would have made an appointment. But I didnít, so I didnít.

Itís depressing, you know? To think the worst is over and then to have it come back and smack you like a frying pan in the face? Depressing. Not that I was all that confident earlier in the day. I sort of knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I was fooling myself. I really, really wanted to be better, and I kept up that myth for as long as I could make myself believe it. And Iíd probably do it again tomorrow and the day after, if I thought I could get away with it.

11 May 2006

Study in blue and green.

So I wonít make any promises, because Iím too weak to keep them. Itís like promising not to eat a doughnut, and then waking up in the bakery. No, no. Itís like promising to pull weeds, and then having it rain. No, thatís not it either. Itís like making that promise and then fooling myself into thinking itís raining. Thatís more like it.

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The Sharks twice led by two goals, but the Oilers scored the last five goals of the game to win, 6-3, and even their playoff series at two games each. The Giants couldnít put up much of a battle against the Dodgers tonight and lost, 6-1, with their only run coming on a homer by Pedro Feliz.

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