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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Because I tend to twist my body into unnatural shapes while I sleep, I wore the wrist brace to bed last night. It might have kept me from making the current injury worse, but when I got up this morning and took it off, I noticed that Iíd rubbed some skin off one circular spot on my palm. So even though the steady thrum of minor pain continues, I chose not to wear the brace today, and I covered the sore spot with a band-aid.

It seems as if no matter what the cure for whatever condition, it always carries with it some unexpected consequence. Thatís also why I stopped taking any pain medication (although I felt sluggish all day today anyway). Iím torn between ignoring the pain and just getting on with what I need to do, or letting the pain dictate what I do or donít do. I suppose Iíve come down squarely in the middle by not doing anything much in particular at all.

24 May 2008

Gray day in May.

When the Boss called this afternoon and asked if I wouldnít mind doing a little typing, I didnít bother to tell him I was suffering. I donít think suffering registers with him as an excuse anyway. When he shattered his ankle last year, he was dictating from his hospital bed before the anesthetic wore off, so I doubt any twinges I was experiencing would make much of a dent in his stony Midwestern work ethic. Besides, I didnít mind doing a little typing, since it eased some of the guilt I felt for not getting anything done yesterday.

Oh well. It wasnít as if he was asking me to chop down a tree, or knead dough, or open a wine bottle. I donít think I could use a corkscrew right now, but a keyboard isnít as demanding.

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