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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Iím going to have to stop telling the people I work with how lazy I am, because I think theyíre starting to believe me. At least, nobody corrected me this time. Thatís a first. Usually when I downplay my contribution to the company, I get told how impossible it would be to run things without me. I like hearing that, which is why I keep pretending to believe Iím less competent and/or less motivated than I think I really am.

Whether Iím actually lazy or not is a different question. Letís say there are things Iíd rather do than work, and itís a pretty long list. Iíve been reading the same book for a month, for example, because there isnít enough time, even with the days getting longer.

One thing Iíve been doing lately is letting other people take over some of the tasks that have been mine alone until now. Julie has been a big help in reducing my work load. Itís not quite to the point where I have big gaps in my daily routine. Maybe thatís the ultimate goal (and it would be if I were a true slacker), but Iím not there yet.

22 May 2006

Dollops of clouds.

If I were as lazy as I pretend to be, I would be expending a lot of energy finding ways to get out of work. Instead, I do the opposite. Whenever the Boss suggests that I find some way of getting others to do parts of my job, I resist, with all sincerity. The fact that itís happening anyway is just a happy circumstance which Iím not about to expend the energy to resist.

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The Giants got some good news today with the return of their first baseman, Lance Niekro, who had been hitting well until his injury two weeks ago. He returned to the lineup and hit two home runs, almost the only offense the team could muster in the 5-3 loss to the Marlins. Some say they still havenít recovered from the emotional weekend series with the Rockies, but excuses start to play a little thin when the loss streak reaches three. Besides, tonight they were mostly done in by the bat of Miguel Cabrera, the leagueís leading hitter. Cabrera had a home run and four RBIs.

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