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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What if you went to the doctor for pain in your wrist and the doctor took your blood pressure? Youíd expect that, right? What if he took your blood pressure three times? Yeah, thatís what I thought.

First he put my hands and wrist through some fairly tortuous exercises to try to determine where the pain was coming from. He managed to rule out tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Itís an inflammation on the back side of my wrist that radiates up my arm, and thereís nothing to be done except rest it when it hurts and use ice and an anti-inflammatory when I need it.

So I came away much less worried about the pain in my wrist. In fact, I asked him if there was anything I couldnít do, because I really need to get some yard work done. He sort of shrugged that off. ďLet the pain be your guide,Ē he said. In other words, work till it hurts. I liked hearing that a lot, because itís what I wanted to hear. Thatís exactly why I asked the question, so that he could tell me to go ahead and do what I felt like, as long as I felt like it.

This blood pressure thing, though, is a little disturbing. I knew Iíd be a little nervous going to the doctor in the first place, and it didnít help that I drove past the place no less than five times before I found the parking lot. It was supposed to be so easy to find, but it really wasnít. In fact, I never did see the sign; I just guessed which parking lot it might be, and I nailed it. I think Iíll find it a little easier next time.

However, he wasnít about to accept that as an excuse for high blood pressure. He said he knows there are stresses in a personís life that have nothing to do with visiting the doctor. And oh, isnít he right about that!

Anyway, I have to go back to their lab Monday morning for a blood test, so itís good I wonít have to hunt for it again. Oh, heís testing me for all kinds of things. I have a list, but itís all in indecipherable code known only to the inner circle (and more experienced patients, I suppose).

22 May 2006

Clouds floating in from the west.

He also wants me to lose weight, cut out caffeine, and get some exercise. He asked me if I got much exercise, and I said, simply, ďNo.Ē I didnít see any percentage in lying about it, but now I have to change that, because he told me to. I go back in three or four weeks, and heíll want to see some improvement. So, in fact, will I.

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The Giants managed to get out of South Florida before the official start of hurricane season, but their star pitcher, Jason Schmidt, didnít get out of the sixth inning for the first time this year. It wasnít that he was pitching badly, because he was leading, 3-1, at the time, but it was probably a combination of Florida humidity and throwing a lot of pitches that did him in tonight. Steve Finley and Jason Ellison hit home runs in the Giantsí 6-1 win over the Marlins, and Schmidt got the win, his fifth in a row.

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