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Monday, May 29, 2006

This was either the best or the worst weekend ever. I did next to nothing for three days, which is something that I aspire to during any given three-day period. On the other hand, I now have a four-day week ahead of me, with five daysí worth of work to get done. Plus, I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday. Plus, I have to get to the bank tomorrow or my rent check will bounce. Plus, I really, really need a haircut, and Iíd like to do it before I go to the doctor.

Since my Monday plans almost never work out the way I hope they will, how can I have any confidence that Tuesday, which is in fact a double Monday this week, will turn out in my favor? The truth is, I canít. I have to make it so through the force of my own will, and thatís a daunting prospect, since my will isnít all that forceful. Most of the time I tend to bend to the point of breaking, and then I break.

On a positive note, Iíve now gone two full days without having to use anything for the pain in my right arm. On a slightly negative note, the pain in my right arm is as severe and constant as itís been during the last month. But Iím pushing forward and getting through the bad times as well as I could probably expect. I do believe Iím going to get my work done tomorrow, along with all the other things on my agenda.

22 May 2006

Surprised raccoon.

If good intentions were worth the road theyíre paved with, Iíd be halfway to paradise already. But Iím not sure good intentions have any value unless theyíre backed up by conviction, which isnít a problem, and confidence, which has always been a commodity in short supply in my world. Thatís especially true when itís a short week and taking it one day at a time will leave me a day short.

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Someone should remind the people in South Florida that they still have a major league baseball team. After a rowdy homestand, the Giants found themselves playing the Marlins tonight in a nearly empty ballpark. Maybe thatís why they lost, 5-1, and didnít show the spark they had while playing in front of packed houses at home last week. Part of the reason, at least. It could be that traveling all the way across the country to play the very next day contributed to it, too. These are two pretty good teams going head to head, and they deserve a little more support than they got tonight. It looked as if half the people who did show up were Giants fans anyway.

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