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Sunday, May 30, 2004

John and Suzanne's new houseboat won't be launched for three more weeks, but it's nearly complete, and that's a good reason for a party. John designed it and has been building it for the last year. He had a lot of help with it, and today's pre-launch party was to thank those people who worked on various aspects of the boat. I was invited, too, even though I provided no support other than moral (and no physical labor).

It's a beautiful vessel, even though it still stands on blocks outside the cabinet shop. All the inside trim, from countertops to light fixtures to plumbing and carpeting, is first rate. I'm hoping to break away from work for a week or so this summer to spend time with them on Shasta Lake. For now I'm just happy to have been part of the celebration of its near-completion. Plus, the halibut and Caesar salad were great.

30 May 2004

The Attitude Adjustment. It'll look even better when it's in the water.

I'll try to get another photo after the graphic artists complete the outside design. It was too windy today to get it finished. But the mini-blinds and the fireplace are in, and the wood trim is of course the best there is, because that's what John does. You should see the massive refrigerator on this boat. I lusted after it.

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When you're heading out on a massive 14-game road trip, it's good to end with a win at home. This homestand was perfect, 6 wins and no losses. In fact, they haven't lost in the last nine games, and today they got a strong performance from their best pitcher, Jason Schmidt. Without Barry Bonds in the lineup, they had just enough offense, including a splash hit from Michael Tucker, who became just the fifth Giant player in the history of SBC Park to hit the ball into McCovey Cove. They came within one fly ball lost in the sun of shutting out the Rockies, but they'll settle for a 3-1 win.

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