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Friday, May 26, 2006

Itís hard to say I regret cutting down the weeds in my garden two days ago, but Iím still feeling the effects, and I definitely regret that. I have so many aches and pains in the muscles in my arms that I almost canít remember what the problem was that made me make a doctor appointment for next week. It wasnít so I could tell him I do so little physical work that twenty minutes with the weed trimmer made me unable to raise my arms. Not that I particularly want to raise my arms, as far as that goes.

In a way, Iíd love to get out in the garden this weekend and do a little more. Thatís not likely to happen, though. Now that Iíve seen (or rather, felt) what a little work does to me, Iím not much interested in doing a little more. The risk to reward ratio isnít nearly favorable enough to entice me into it. Iíll just decide that itís not that bad, and let it go at that.

22 May 2006

When clouds attack.

The Boss phoned at just the wrong time this morning, and he knew it as soon as I answered. ďYouíre not a morning person, are you?Ē He already knew the answer to that question. He told me he hates getting up when itís light out. If he doesnít get out of bed when itís still dark, he feels that heís wasting the day. I had to say that most of the time the first few hours of daylight are the part of the day when I get my most restful sleep. Right up until he calls for the first time each day.

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Itís not that the intentional walk isnít sometimes a sound baseball strategy, but itís always good to see a walk to Barry Bonds come back to haunt the manager who calls for it. Clint Hurdle had Jeff Francis walk Bonds with first base open in the fifth inning tonight. Good idea, except that the next batter, Ray Durham, has a history of hitting Francis well, and he did. He hit his second double of the game, this one for two runs, and the Giants scored three more times in the inning, on their way to a 9-0 win over the Rockies. Jason Schmidt pitched well for the sixth straight game and got his fourth victory in a row. Rookie first baseman Travis Ishikawa made his first major league start and had three hits and his first three RBIs. Omar Vizquel walked twice and had two hits and has now reached base in eight straight plate appearances. There is still bad blood between these two teams, after Jose Mesa made good on a threat to hit Vizquel during their last series in Denver, and Bonds was hit by the first pitch thrown to him by Francis tonight. It didnít intimidate him, and it might have helped fire up the Giants (although itís not likely it was deliberate).

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