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Thursday, May 29, 2003

When I woke up this morning and saw the reddish brown stains on my pillowcase, I thought I might be rusting. Maybe it was time for a new undercoating, or p'raps I'm not drinking enough ginseng tea. But no, there were also stains on the shirt I'd worn to bed, so I got up to look in the mirror. Sure enough, a trail of dried blood led from my nose down my cheek and neck.

Okay, this is already more information than you signed up for, but this was a first. I get nosebleeds sometimes from my allergies, and I'd had a particularly violent sneezing spasm late last night, but I've never awakened to the sight of blood on my pillow before. Worse, I'd gone to bed in one of my favorite T-shirts.

I went to work on the shirt with cold water and mild soap, as I've always been taught. That seemed to do the job, but I guess I won't know for sure until it comes out of the dryer. The pillowcase is white, so it was more of a problem, but it's not something I parade around in, so I'm not too concerned about it. And my face was probably going to get a washing this morning anyway, blood or no blood.

Maybe I should be worried about an event like this, but I'm not. Still, while I was out on my errands this morning I stopped at Target and bought some new clothes, including two new shirts. Now I can retire some of the old ones and use them only for sleeping, just in case.

If it didn't cool down so much at night out here in the country, I wouldn't even wear a shirt to bed. Even in the hot days of July and August, though, there are very few days when this house doesn't get so much cooler at night that I want to keep some clothes on. The cool nights are a good thing, I guess. They probably would make it easier to sleep, if I had normal sleeping habits.

When I lived in the city, the hot, sweaty nights were miserable, and I roamed the house looking for relief. Now I'm up half the night regardless of the temperature or the time of year. Maybe that's what I should be worried about, instead of a little blood on the pillow. I slept better than usual last night, so the bit of extra laundering I have to do is worth the price.

28 May 03

Oak leaves growing out of nowhere (certainly not an oak tree).

While I was at Target, I also bought a pair of shorts. I realized last week that last summer's shorts are tight on me right now, and although today was cloudy and cool we're getting a lot of shorts weather these days. I only bought one pair at the larger size, though, because I fully intend to fit into the smaller ones by July.

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ESPN covered the National Spelling Bee today, as any good sports network should. But they kept interrupting it and moving it around to different channels, and since it lasted for more than five hours, I couldn't watch it all. As a former champion speller myself, I have a more than casual interest. I was never on the level of these kids, though, who are alternately intensely focused and playfully giddy. It's the parents who take the beating, just watching.

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