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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The plan today was to see how far I could push myself, but it went a little further than that. I did have to take something for pain around noon, but I never stopped doing what I needed to do all day. Except for a few concessions, such as brushing my teeth left-handed and one or two extra rest periods from the keyboard, I had what I would consider a fairly normal weekday.

And tonight Iím hurting again, but not badly enough to regret what Iíve done today. I learned that I can stand the pain if I donít think of it as pain, but as an inconvenience. I mean, itís too bad I get these twinges in my wrist, and itís unfortunate that I canít open tight jar lids as easily as I used to, but I can do almost anything. Well, anything I could do before, at least. I still canít play the violin or knit an afghan (although Iím pretty sure I could learn to do either).

11 May 2006

From the middle of the driveway.

This afternoon as I was trying to walk through the high grass in my garden, I sort of decided to go ahead and see what I can do with the weed trimmer this weekend. Thatís taking a chance, considering what Iíve been through and how much I know that heavy tool takes out of my hands, arms and back, but (a) I canít wait, and (2) I need to know I can do it. Or not, as the case may be.

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How can a five-run first inning be frustrating (for the team that scores the five runs)? The Giants had two walks and six singles in the inning, sending eleven batters to the plate, but they left the bases loaded. Iím sure they felt someone in the lineup should have hit the ball well enough at Minute Maid Park to score more than one at a time. Omar Vizquel, who made two of the three outs in the five-run first, made up for it by hitting a bases-loaded triple in the Giantsí five-run fourth, as they went on to win, 14-3, giving Jamey Wright, who had been 0-12 lifetime against the Astros, his first victory over them. In the fifth, Astros pitcher Russ Springer threw at Barry Bonds five times before hitting him in the shoulder, to the delight of the fans in Houston.

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