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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

We had another close call today, but then we're used to that by now. What made this one different is that Suzanne and I thought we might have to miss the final in our ASL class. Aiden must have sensed how inconvenient it would have been for us to be tied up at the hospital tonight, because he decided at the last minute to stay put.

Oh, yes. I know that's a selfish way to look at it. Tammy is more than ready to share the baby with the rest of us. But if the hospital keeps sending her home, that's not my fault. I try to turn my head away when I breathe a little sigh of relief. Aiden must have heard me complaining that this was the one day that his arrival would create frantic last-minute changes of plans.

Aiden, any day in the last two weeks would have been fine. We know you're ready. And any day after today works, too. Tomorrow would be great. You know we're ready. You are the absolute number one priority in all our lives, believe me. Your room is ready. Your parents are ready. Your big brothers are ready. And now I'm ready, too.

It's not fair to call what happened today a "false alarm," though. Every day brings more progress toward the ultimate outcome. There's nothing false about what Tammy is going through. It's all very real.

I told my story in sign language to the video camera tonight, and then it was all over. Our group was supposed to meet in the classroom at 8:30 pm. There were four of us, and we were all there early, so we started taping as soon as the previous group was finished. Suzanne went first, then me. Then the two of us could relax and watch the other two tell their stories.

For all the nervousness, we did well. We practiced for each other one last time before we went to class, and we both knew we were as prepared as we possibly could be. This was our first ASL class, and we've learned a lot this semester, but there are gaps in our knowledge. The stories were simple childhood tales, about three minutes each. It was over just that fast.

Our teacher Joe complimented us on our signing, and then he gave us candy. He had one more group to tape, and he kind of hinted that he didn't think that group would go as smoothly as ours. Knowing who was in it, I kind of agreed with him.

It gave me such a feeling of relief to have it done that I was both totally wired and totally exhausted at the same time. Now I have only one thing on my mind, and it's not work and it's not my yard. I'm not nearly as nervous about the baby now that I don't have to think about school any more. As I said, I know it's selfish of me to think that way. I'm just saying that's how I feel.

18 May 2004

Cloudy day.

Also tonight was the "moving on" celebration at the preschool where Suzanne teaches. (You can call it graduation if you want.) Because the rest of the family had other priorities, and because Suzanne and I were going to class together afterward anyway, and because I wanted to, I went to her school to enjoy the festivities.

It was a wonderful release and a pleasant diversion. I think it really helped me relax before the final, and I loved seeing the little ones and their young parents (and not-so-young grandparents) marking the end of the school year and the move to kindergarten. I'm glad I was there.

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The only way the Giants can win without scoring runs is to keep the other team from scoring runs. That's how they beat the Cubs tonight, 1-0, on Jason Schmidt's one-hitter. (Too bad it came on the same night Randy Johnson threw a perfect game!) The last one-hitter by a Giants pitcher, by the way, was by Scott Garrelts on July 29, 1990, and I was there. (Weren't we, Eric? I know you remember.) The only run in tonight's game was scored by Barry Bonds, after a walk. Of course.

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