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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Each of the last two days Iíve spent a little more time without the brace on my right wrist, but I have no illusion that Iím out of the woods yet. The sharp, shooting pain isnít there constantly, the way it was for several days, but it comes back whenever I forget to be careful. Thatís the main reason Iím wearing the brace at all now, in fact — so that I donít absent-mindedly do something to reinjure it.

Other than using my right hand to lunge at a plastic container that I dropped out of my left hand, Iíve been pretty good about not doing anything to do further damage. But the reminder is there whenever I lift anything, because I can feel it up to my elbow. It feels more like a muscle strain than a nerve problem at this point, and it could be that a lot of that is due to the fact that I havenít been using that arm for much, and itís being held in one rather awkward position most of the time.

9 May 2006

Red-shouldered hawk over my house today.

Iím hopeful, because itís really getting better every day, but Iím also cautious, because Iíve been here before. A week ago I thought I was past the worst of it, and obviously that was wrong. I know I can do something to make it worse at almost any time, and set myself back two or three or ten days. I donít much like living on the edge that way, but Iím going to give it a few more days before I try anything different.

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Despite being badly outshot throughout the game, the Sharks found themselves ahead late in the third period of game three tonight in Edmonton. But a tying goal sent the game into overtime, and then a second and third overtime periods, during which the Oilers hammered at the Sharks goal, only to be turned away time and again by the goaltending of Vesa Toskala. Eventually, though, that kind of pressure is going to pay off, and the Oilers won the game, 3-2, early in the third overtime period. The Sharks still lead the series, 2-1.

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