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Monday, May 8, 2006

After aggravating my right arm yesterday, I woke up today with a sharp, shooting pain every time I moved it. I wore the brace all day, and the pills helped, too. But there were just some things that were almost impossible to do, at least without wincing and moaning. Locking and unlocking the front door, for example. I learned how hard that was when I got home from the game yesterday. I remembered that feeling today and left the door unlocked when I ran my errands this morning.

The first thing I noticed this morning was how painful it was to make coffee. The hardest part was pouring the old dregs out of the carafe and rinsing it, because it involved twisting my arm and shaking the water out. Raising and lowering the recliner has become so hard that I leave it with the foot rest up, so that I have to straddle it and sort of fold myself into the chair when I want to sit in it. Which is a lot of the time.

Then when I did leave for the post office, I got in the car, put the key in the ignition, and started whimpering, because I didnít want to reach down and turn the key. Even with the brace on it was painful, and I was half afraid Iíd get there and not want to turn the key again to come home. I briefly considered leaving the car running while I dashed into the post office, but in the end I just bit the bullet and did what I had to do. (And by the way, making right turns is a lot easier than making left turns.)

13 April 2006

Mountainous cloud formation.

Speaking of doing what I had to do, the hardest room for me to operate in is the bathroom. For one thing, I usually take the brace off my wrist before I go in there, and that makes everything a little tenuous. Buttoning my jeans is a test every time (and Leviís button fly seemed like such a good idea for so long). And wiping my ass? Donít even think about it (or at least try not to).

I mean, I do it, but it hurts.

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Noah Lowry, who started the season as the Giantsí number three starter, was injured in the second inning of his first start a month ago. Tonight he made his second start and threw seven strong innings as the Giants knocked out Roy Oswalt with five runs in the fifth and went on to beat the Astros, 7-5. They had two triples and a home run in that inning, but the biggest play was an infield out by Steve Finley, because it came after a long battle and drove in the first run, after which Oswalt, one of baseballís best pitchers, came a bit unhinged and gave up hit after hit. The Astros scored three times with two out in the top of the ninth to make the game closer, but it was really no contest after the Giantsí big inning.

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