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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Any other Sunday I wouldnít mind the lousy weather so much. Because any other Sunday I would have been staying home, out of the lousy weather. Thatís what I do every other Sunday, but this was special. It takes something special to get me to go out in the cold, the wind, and the rain. Itís a good thing this was Motherís Day. If it had been anybody elseís day, I probably wouldnít have taken a step out the front door.

So anyway, I picked Mom up for Motherís Day dinner at Suzanne and Johnís house this afternoon during the worst of the rain. For all the gravel that was put into the ruts and holes in my driveway last month, you couldnít tell it by the deep puddles I had to negotiate the car through on my way out. And by the time I got home tonight, it was even worse. By tomorrow morning, I might not be able to drive through it at all.

Which, come to think of it, wouldnít be such a bad thing on a Monday.

Anyway, we had another cool family get-together. All the moms were there, three generations of them. Such a wealth of riches. Aiden doesnít even realize how lucky he is to have his mom, his grandma and his great grandma fussing over him and laughing at his antics. And yet, he realizes that many people love him, and I think the good feeling he gets from that is something heíll know enough to appreciate some day.

As for me, Iím grateful that there are so many wonderful women in the family. If not for them, I would have stayed home and watched the rain come down all day, instead of basking in the glow of family. That generates its own warmth, and all the rain pouring down at once canít dampen it. The wind can blow trees over (and I saw two of them lying across the roadway in different spots on my way home tonight), but it canít blow out the flame that burns through a loving family. Not even a flicker.

8 May 2005

Aiden with his lightsaber (and his new haircut).

Judging by the roar of the rain on the roof tonight, tomorrow is going to be another soggy day. But my expectations of a Monday are so low that I can be satisfied with a little progress. Maybe the sky can be lighter in the west, with the hope that some day the sun will come back. Even that much will make it a better Monday than most.

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It took them 13 innings and two rain delays, but the Giants finally managed to overcome the Nationals today, 4-3. It was a struggle with the elements as much as with the other team. The few runs that were scored in this game were due partly to the ripping windstorm that blew fly balls away from outfielders, and partly due to umpires whose calls were so bad there must have been raindrops in their eyes. A lot was due to the stirring performance of the Giants much maligned (and much overworked) bullpen, which held the Nats scoreless over the last six innings.

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