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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

When I think about seeing my doctor about this current complaint (or any complaint, for that matter), I try to consider how Iím going to describe the pain. And now that I have the pain in my wrists more or less under control, Iím not sure what I would have to say to the doctor. Of course, managing the pain means not having to worry about seeing the doctor anyway, so there you go. I think thatís the opposite of a Catch-22 situation.

Rest and immobility seem to have been the main factors in my improvement, but Iíll give the drugs their due. On the other hand, Iím not used to having all these substances in my system, and Iíve been going through the day as if I were carrying a little extra weight on my back. I feel, in a word, drugged. But Iíll take it over the pain.

When I stopped at the supermarket this morning, I was debating with myself whether to wear the brace in the store or not. In the end I decided against it, and I think that was the right decision, even though I struggled with the gallon milk carton. I probably should have bought two of the half-gallon size instead. They would have been easier to carry out of the store, and a lot easier to pour.

2 May 2006

Thicket at my front door.

Anyway, I was a lot more comfortable and confident by late this afternoon than Iíve been in several days. It really feels as if the worst is over and I wonít be suffering much longer and (best of all) I wonít have to go to the doctor to get the relief I need. Suddenly life is bearable, and soon it will be enjoyable again.

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They never fell so far behind they were out of it, which is what happened in last nightís game, so it wasnít out of the question that the Giants would come back today after falling behind the Padres early. It would have been nice, since they now head out on a road trip having lost three in a row for the first time all season, this one by a 5-3 score. There are some hopeful signs, though. The bullpen seems to be recovering from its early season slump, and the hitters stung the ball today, even though it was usually right at somebody. And Kevin Frandsen has now been a major leaguer for five days and has been hit by a pitch four times. Not surprisingly, one of his heroes is all-time HBP leader Craig Biggio, and he wears Biggioís number 8. Maybe thatís what has all those pitches bearing in on him like guided missiles. Also, Steve Finley, who three years ago became the oldest player to lead the league in triples, hit his league-leading fifth triple of 2006.

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