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Sunday, May 2, 2004

I kept a low profile today. I didn't respond to any of the faxes that appeared in the tray (although I did do some of the work they wanted; I just didn't fax anything back). The only time I left the house was to scatter a few bread crumbs for the birds, after I over-toasted a baguette and made it a little too crisp.

It wasn't my intention to stay home all day. I was up early this morning (for me, that is), and I even shaved. I never shave on days when I don't expect to leave the house at all. But I found that I liked doing nothing so much, I did it all day long. I've felt so drained lately that I needed a day like this to refill the tank.

I did do some homework, though. I typed up last week's new vocabulary words, for easier studying. It's too bad I've forgotten most of the signs we learned in class, because without that knowledge all I have is a list of words. I probably won't use "church" and "hospital" much anyway. Well, maybe "hospital," what with the baby coming so soon.

Also, every time I passed the bathroom mirror I practiced my story. I can do it from memory when I'm alone and looking myself in the eye. In class I'm sure I'll need my notes.

Mostly, I let the warm air flow through the house and wash over me all day. It was a healing kind of day, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in a lot of yesterdays.

1 May 2004


Did I ever claim to be jaded? Did I ever say I hated sloppy sentimentalism? Have I ever criticized a movie for having an obvious happy ending? No? Then it won't be a surprise that I loved Love Actually, a movie with ten obvious happy endings. Ten setups, ten payoffs. I could watch this movie ten days in a row and cry (and laugh) every time. Please don't hate me because I love a good love story (or ten).

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On his day off, Barry Bonds came up as a pinch hitter to lead off the bottom of the eleventh inning. The Marlins pitched to him, but he ended up drawing a walk, as usual. And he ended up scoring the winning run, as usual. The Giants took the game, 9-8, and the series, three out of four. There were plenty of hitting heroes today, but the biggest was the backup catcher, Yorvit Torrealba, who is good enough to be a starter on most teams. He hit a grand slam in the fourth and had the game-winning hit to drive in Bonds in the eleventh.

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"You know, there are so many bullies in their mid-fifties running up and down the halls looking for someone to smack down. And they all remember my name, because they were so careful to get to know me when they were beating me up back in 1965."

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