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Monday, May 2, 2005

It was so gorgeous here in the North Bay that I had the door open almost all day. Thatís how it happened that I saw the turkey that strolled through my garden and peered in through the screen door, then meandered off. This future centerpiece had a tiny head and a black wing feather sticking straight up off its back. Thatís how I recognized it the second time it walked through the yard. It didnít come to the door that time, though.

But wait. I didnít mean to talk about big, black birds again. The point I was making was that it was a great day, and I was stuck inside doing my usual Monday chores and then some. I donít know why everything has to happen at once (and to me!), but there you go. I got the time cards Saturday, but I couldnít even start on the payroll until 3:30 this afternoon, and five hours later I was still working on it. Feh.

Iím not complaining about the work itself. I just wish I could have taken advantage of a day like this to get some trimming done in the yard. The good weather might not hold until I do have some free time, or until the weekend when I know I will. Thereís so much to do, and so little time, that all I can do is stare wistfully out through the screen door. And then get back to work. Unless, of course, thereís a turkey staring back at me.

28 April 2005

Western cloud barrage.

I did have a few moments of diversion, late in my crowded day. David and Dakota dropped by to use my fax. Actually, only David wanted to use the fax. Dakota mostly wanted to con David into letting him explore my loft. ďNo upstairs,Ē David would say emphatically. ďNo Ďno upstairs,íĒ Dakota would respond, just as seriously. But he didnít go upstairs, and he was good-natured about it. Also loud, but you can be loud out here in the country, and nobody complains but the turkeys.

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When two good pitchers are battling without command and control of their best pitches, something has to give. Tonight in the desert, it was former Giant Russ Ortiz, now playing for the Diamondbacks, who buckled first. He walked the bases loaded with no outs in the third, then got Ray Durham to hit a soft fly ball that dropped in for an RBI single. The next batter, Mike Matheny, hit a grand slam to give the Giants a 6-1 lead. Jason Schmidt was the beneficiary, but by the time he and half the bullpen got out of the seventh, it was a 7-7 game. By the end of nine, the other half of the bullpen was used up and it was 8-8. The Giants scored again on a two-out double by Moises Alou in the tenth, but needed Tyler Walker to pitch out of a bases-loaded, one-out situation in the bottom of the inning to nail down a 9-8 win, the teamís sixth in a row and one of the most gut-wrenching theyíll have all season.

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