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Monday, June 29, 2009

When it comes to big decisions, you know that when I start leaning heavily in one direction, Iím going to be pulled back the other way before I land on either side. It especially takes an awful lot for me to make any major changes in my life, like the one Iíve been contemplating. (Which may not seem major to everybody, but I have a low threshold in these matters.)

As sure as I was yesterday that I was going to make an immediate switch to cable Internet service, today Iím reconsidering. Having been satisfied with the phone companyís service for so long, I gave them another chance. I didnít make another call to their exotic service center, but I did go through their online diagnostic and tutorial, and I learned something. It happens.

It turns out that the splitter I was using is probably not the one I should have to keep the fax and modem operating on the same line. In fact, there was one point in the demonstration that pretty much said exactly that: If another device is plugged into the modem I have, the modem probably wonít operate the way it should, and might not operate at all. Since thatís what Iíve been experiencing, I located the splitter I should be using and ordered one. If that five dollar bit of plastic makes the difference, Iíll be so relieved I might even exhale again.

I can hear you saying ďwishful thinking.Ē But thatís how I roll. Iím always hopeful that the least possible amount of upheaval will be necessary to get me from A to B. Points C, D and beyond I donít even think about until I get to B. I might still make the big change, but until I make that decision, Iíll keep hoping I donít have to.

29 June 2009

The fields around my house.

All of that isnít what kept me awake all night, though, not this time. It wasnít the heat, either, at least not directly. It was the possibility that, with all the rain we had this spring and all the heat weíre having now, my yard might be more of a tinderbox than itís been in the nine years Iíve lived here. It wouldnít take much of a spark, and when the landlord put my new septic tank in last winter, he ďtemporarilyĒ turned off the outside water faucet. And itís still off. Thatís what I was thinking about in the middle of the night.

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Giants 10, Cardinals 0. In a 10-0 game, do you talk about the pitching, or the hitting? Tim Lincecum got his third complete game in his last four starts, and his second shutout of the season, throwing a two-hitter to go to 8-2. Travis Ishikawaís three-run homer was the big early blow, and Edgar Renteriaís three-run double made it a blowout. It was a thorough thrashing, and the Giants have outscored their opponents 17-0 in the last two games. It wonít last, but itís fun while it does.

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