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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It seemed like the longest two hours of my life. (Actually it seemed like the longest six hours, but it only lasted two.)

The biggest problem is that this was the one day this week I shouldn't have made an appointment to get my car serviced. Payroll day. Day before the last day of the month (and the quarter). Day after we received a big check that had to be distributed before creditors started calling. I couldn't afford two hours out of my day, and I paid the price by working until 10:00 pm tonight. Again.

Those are some of the reasons I shouldn't have been sitting in the Saturn dealer's waiting room for nearly two hours in the middle of the afternoon. I thought I could afford one hour, and that's how long I thought it would take. If I'd known I'd be there so much longer, I would have arranged a ride home, where all those critical issues that couldn't wait were sitting on my desk, unattended.

On the other hand, it was cool and quiet there at Saturn. I sat and read my book, nodding off a few times. As time dragged on, my eyes got heavier. I never looked up or made eye contact with any of the other customers. By the time I'd been there for an hour, I couldn't see to read any more. So I pretended. I turned the pages at about the rate I'd been doing it, even though I couldn't focus on the words any more. It was kind of soothing, actually.

The only reason I had to keep going until ten is that there's just as much work that I'll have to get done tomorrow. I'll be a little more careful about how I schedule my time, because I'd like to shut down a little earlier. This is a killer pace that starts paying diminishing returns after trying to hold onto it for not too many days in a row. And it doesn't really leave time for any other part of my life, like eating and sleeping.

29 June 2004


On the other hand, my car is spit shine clean. I can always count on Saturn to leave Kermit in immaculate shape every time they work on it. In fact, I can say without a doubt in my mind that Saturn has washed my car many more times than I have over the year and a half I've had it.

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There are so many things wrong with the Dodgers' 2-1 win over the Giants tonight that I don't know where to start. The obvious: it's the Dodgers. No one, least of all the Dodgers, should get away with walking the lead run of a tie game to third base with one out (even if the batter is Barry Bonds). It's just not right, that this bogus strategy worked out. Most of all, though, was the valiant effort of a rookie pitcher gone to waste. Noah Lowry was called upon to start when Jerome Williams couldn't take his turn, and he set the Dodgers down on two hits over seven innings, striking out nine. His one mistake cost him a run, and the fact that he's a rookie cost him a chance to finish the game. The bullpen pitched well, but the Dodgers scratched out the winning run in the bottom of the eighth. It's just a shame that it worked out that way, because they didn't deserve it. And because they're the Dodgers.

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