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Sunday, June 29, 2008

With a hint of blue in the sky and just a trace of smoke in the air, it seems the worst might be over, at least for now, here. There are still fires burning, but not enough to extend the unbreathable atmosphere into my part of the world. After a week of living on Venus, I think Iím back on earth.

Itís Sunday, so I didnít work out this morning. But I think I did enough pacing during the soccer game to make up for not going on the treadmill. I was so nervous that Germany would make one of their patented comebacks, or that the referee would make a stupid call (he made plenty during the game), or that Spain would forget to play defense.

The Germans are tall and strong and stern and old, while the Spanish are short and quick and joyful and young. I donít know if this is true of the whole country, but it applies pretty well to their football teams. Anyway, all my pacing paid off, because Spain held on to win the Euro championship. They were by far the better team today, and the more exciting team, always.

Even though the air was a little clearer today, I still havenít worked in the yard for over a week. For this I have no excuse, except laziness. If that works as an excuse, Iím in. It can explain a lot of things I donít do, and not just on a semi-hazy Sunday.

26 June 2008

My dad's grave marker. He would have been 85 on Tuesday.

My digestive problems arenít back, but I felt full and bloated this evening, at just exactly the time my crock pot Southwestern Soup was ready. I ate one small bowlful, but oh, my. Thatís a lot of leftovers. Itíll be awhile before I have to cook again. Tums helped, but I think maybe I just did too much lying around this weekend, and it all settled in the middle. Iím going to try to do better, starting tomorrow. Thatís how I start every week, in fact.

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