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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

When I left for the softball game tonight, all I expected was to sit and talk to Suzanne while we watched Eric and David play. The kids have been sick and Tammy was going to stay home with them. Well, guess what. Everybodyís healthy, and everybody showed up.

Iím not complaining. I was glad to see them. Itís just that it turned out to be a different experience from the one I was expecting to have. Iím pretty sure our team won by a big margin, and I saw both of my nephews on base more than once, but as for what actually happened? Not a clue.

On the other hand, Dakota and I named every car in the parking lot by color. He picked up a small stone and handed it to me, informing me that it was a dinosaur egg. And at one point he was watching the action on the field and shouted, ďGo, Turtles.Ē Which is not the name of the team, but it describes some of the players pretty well.

Aiden was in a pretty good mood, mostly, but he wasnít quite sure what he wanted. And there were lots of things to choose from, but he pushed most of it away and shook his head ďno.Ē He did want his bottle, but only so that he could pour milk on the stroller tray in front of him and fingerpaint in it. Then when that was getting wiped up, he wanted the wipe so he could help.

As always, D.J. was a whirlwind of noise and motion. You canít always listen to everything he says, or youíll go as batty as he is. You donít dare laugh at all his jokes, or he might think you think heís as funny as he thinks he is. But youíd better not take him for granted, because every so often something amazing will come out of that mind of his that never stops working.

13 June 2005

Brush strokes.

Well, no, there arenít any new pictures, because I didnít know they were going to be there and didnít think about taking the camera. It was good to see everyone strong and healthy again, after the way the plague has run through that house. They probably could have kept giving it to each other for another week or two, but they looked tonight as if itís all over.

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The umpires didnít have a very good night tonight in Phoenix, and it almost cost the Giants a win. One umpire, at second base, literally got in the way when a batted ball hit him, preventing a run from scoring. The first base umpire couldnít seem to get anything right, and when mild-mannered J.T. Snow was called out on a double play, he had had enough and kicked his helmet, getting him tossed out of the game. Earlier that same umpire had called a Diamondback runner safe even though the throw beat him, but the runner made a turn toward second base and was tagged out by Kirk Rueter. The Giants did prevail, 4-2, but itís tough when the gameís arbiters are looking at a different game. Itís tough to keep up with major league players, especially when youíre old and fat. I know I wouldnít want to be an umpire.

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