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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hereís the situation the Boss presented to me first thing out of bed this morning, before I could think as clearly as Iím obviously thinking now. Letís say you run a kennel, and someone leaves his dog (or maybe itís his badger) for six months without paying the room and board. What do you do? You canít sell the badger, and you donít want to kill it. I mean, itís not like itís a wolverine or something.

Thatís whatís happening at The Kennel, except it isnít a badger (itís a boat, but letís call it the Badger) and it isnít room and board (itís berthing fees). We placed a lien on the Badger, and late fees have been accumulating, and now the owner (or rather, the ownerís father) has decided he wants to pull the Badger out of your kennel. Even if he wanted to do it without paying back fees, there are other boats (canít think of a metaphor) in his way.

So you tell the ownerís dad that he can have his Badger back if he pays all the back fees plus interest, and also has his son return some equipment his friends borrowed from other residents. Maybe itís pet food and maybe itís a winch or an anchor; it really doesnít matter. The dad has been letting his son run wild for months and now he wants to slam the lid shut. Plus, he wants his Badger.

So first thing this morning, the Boss tells me to do a worksheet that shows the accumulated interest since the last payment, including interest on late charges and even interest on the lien fee we paid. He thinks the dad has agreed to pay, and he wants the exact amount. So I take great pains to make sure itís accurate, and after several revisions itís finally off my desk and I can move on to payroll. Which actually is on my to-do list.

And then it turns out that while Iím working frantically on this spreadsheet, the Boss and the dad have been negotiating, and they came up with an amount thatís a sort of rounded-off compromise that no one is happy with but everyone is satisfied with. Did anyone tell me? No, I kept working on what has now become a theoretical mathematics exercise. If I wanted to do math theory, Iíd do it on my own time, not the day payroll is due. Sheesh.

At least Iím not the one who has to move the other boats out of the way so the Badger can float down the river.

18 June 2005

Mixed cloud bag.

Maybe if I donít make a to-do list, I might actually get something done. Maybe if I donít make any plans, Iíll find a way to follow through on a project. Maybe if I turn the phone (and fax) off, I can focus and concentrate and all those other things I canít seem to pull off any more.

Lately it seems that everything is out of my hands. Even when I tell someone (the Boss) what I need (to be left alone so I can finish the payroll), I get something else (a sudden crisis that could have been averted with, you know, planning). The best-laid plans of someone else often derail mine, to quote the bard. (Assuming a million bards writing a million sonnets will say just about anything at least once.)

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I should have known the breaks were going to go the right way tonight (at last) when, early in the game with the Giants nursing a one-run lead, a base hit that would have tied the game hit the runner leaving first base, making it the last out of the inning and keeping the score the same. Thatís the kind of thing thatís been happening in the other teamsí favor almost since the first day of the season, but at least for one night it turned around. And the Giants used a six-run ninth to turn a close game into an 11-3 win over the Diamondbacks. A much-needed win? Only if they expect to make something good out of this season. A welcome win in any case.

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