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Monday, June 28, 2004

A wrong number at 7:30 this morning got my day off on the wrong foot, and I stumbled all over myself all day long. Then this afternoon I had to drive to Wal-Mart to meet the Boss. I'm not sure why that's our new rendezvous point, except that it's closer to him than it is to me. It's only twelve miles round-trip, so I shouldn't complain. That doesn't usually stop me, though, does it?

As it turned out, I took him more paperwork than he asked for, but the one piece he later decided he needed wasn't in the package I gave him. So I get to meet up with him again tomorrow and exchange more drivel. This time I think he's coming to Santa Rosa, for an eye exam or a tax audit or something. I wasn't really listening, because the good news was that I didn't have to go all the way to Wal-Mart.

But I still don't know when or where I have to meet him. That means I have to be up and ready early in the morning, which frankly isn't my best time of day. I'm not sure if I even have a best time of day any more, but I know that if I do, morning isn't it. He knows I'm taking my car in for service in the afternoon, so we're left with few options. No option at all for me, really. I show up when and where he tells me to.

Obviously I'm looking forward to that. He must have been saving up all his extra work while I've been doing all that typing for Julie. She left this morning for a week in Texas, so now he has me all to himself. He's not going to let up just because we've seen each other more in the last two weeks than in the last two years. He either doesn't see the bags under my eyes or doesn't care.

19 June 2004

Aiden chillin'.

If it weren't for the gratuitous baby pictures I still have to use up, I wouldn't have much reason to post another work-related grumble. This one is from nine days ago, but that was the last time I saw Aiden. I'm sure he's much bigger by now. After all, he'll be a month old on Thursday.

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I had such low expectations for 50 First Dates that I was unprepared for how much I ended up loving this movie. I think it must have been marketed badly, because except for the scene where the walrus vomits in the woman's face, it's a sweet, gentle romantic comedy with a message about what true love can really mean. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are terrific, but the comic turns by Sean Astin and Rob Schneider add a lot as well. The ending hits just the right note, which is kind of surprising since it's not the ending I was expecting.

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