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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The longer youíve been around, the faster the bullets seem to whiz by you, and the harder it gets to dodge them. Thatís why I was so happy today to have dodged another one. The bullet that gets me is going to have to be an old-guy-seeking missile with special powers, like free beer or vegan Twinkies. Some kind of sparkly inducement to stand in the line of fire.

This morning I woke up thinking my time had come. After years of avoiding the doctor, through aches and pains and other inconveniences, I was going to have to make an appointment to have my right ear washed out, because I couldnít hear a thing out of it. The last time I saw a doctor who actually did something for me that helped, it was for that. I have a tendency.

Did I panic? I did not. I did think it was possible Iíd have to use an ear wash, which is messy and unpleasant. But several times since the last time a doctor helped me out of this situation, Iíve had the problem and outlasted it. Itís a miserable time until it goes away, but it does go away. Usually all I have to do is wait, and not panic. By the time Iíd been up for an hour or so, I had a sneezing fit, the clog broke and I was hearing again, as well as I ever do.

12 January 2010

So I donít have to call the doctor for this episode. It would be a shame to have to go to the doctor for something that lasts such a short time and isnít dangerous. I want him to have to work for his co-pay. If he canít save my life, itís not worth my time.

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