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Monday, January 12, 2004

It feels kind of good, you know? Today was truly the first day of the year, in that highly organized section of my mind that likes to get work done on time. That area has been dormant since way before Christmas. It's been a while since I felt as if I had any direction, work-wise. And momentum? Ha! Not lately.

But now it's nearly the middle of January, and I think it's time to get started. January isn't like other months, when I can put everything off until the last day. There's way too much going on to live by the deadline as usual. I even made a list today. I also took a trip to the office store and picked up forms to do 1099s and W-2s. I'm all caught up on company bills for the next week, so I can concentrate on this stuff.

And it feels good! These are the kinds of tasks I'm well suited for. All the distractions are over, and I somehow managed to get down to it today, integrating spreadsheets and the like. I slept like a hibernating bear last night and woke up ready for action this morning. I hadn't opened any mail since last Thursday, so there was plenty to do to get started, but looking back I'm kind of amazed at how much of it I got through.

It helped that the Boss extended his vacation by one more day and won't be back at his desk until tomorrow. It wasn't his choice, believe me. He called me from Las Vegas this morning and moaned, "This is as far as I got. Julie wanted to do some shopping." I advised him to go with it. I said he should act as if it had been his idea to stop in Las Vegas and shop before getting back to work. I don't think he believed this was such a great idea, but diplomacy has never been one of his outstanding traits.

So tomorrow might not be as peaceful and productive as today. He's been in Texas for more than a month. Even though he had an office (with a fax) set up while he was there, he had other things going on. He'll have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow, and he'll want to do it all at once. Patience is another trait he doesn't feature.

2 January 2004


Anyway, I'm relishing both the quantity of work I got through today, and the rush I get from a day doing what I do best. Knowing it won't last makes it that much sweeter. A day like this reminds me why I've been in the same job for seventeen and a half years. A few more days like this will be needed between now and the end of January if I'm going to get to the bottom of that list.

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