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Saturday, January 3, 2009

If thereís such a thing as a retroactive resolution, I may have to make one. Or maybe I already made one, without realizing it. Today turned out to be a good day to get the house straightened out a bit. Iím not talking about anything major, but I did spend the afternoon clearing out the clutter, breaking down empty packing boxes that have been strewn around the house during the holidays and hauling stuff out to the recycling container.

It was such a good feeling to have more space and less mess in the house, that Iím thinking of making this a regular part of my Saturday routine. Itís not as if I have commitments that Iíd have to get out of. I generally do next to nothing on Saturdays, so I might as well make a resolution to do something. Besides, this was a good way to keep warm on a chilly winter day. So Iím thinking of calling it a retroactive resolution, because otherwise, Iíll probably never bother to do it again.

2 January 2009

Escaping clouds.

The other thing I did today was try to make a service appointment with the Saturn dealer on line. Thereís some urgency to this, because I have to get a smog certification before the due date of January 15. And I keep forgetting to call and make the appointment, so I thought Iíd take advantage of their online scheduling. I wonít know if it worked until I hear back from them.

One of the questions they ask is the mileage on the car, so I had to traipse out to the car and look at the odometer. Then as I was coming back inside, the phone rang, and by the time that call ended, Iíd forgotten the mileage, so I had to traipse back out there. (Iíve forgotten what it was, but it was well below 30,000, which is kind of sad for a car thatís about to turn six years old.)

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