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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The full force of what January actually means is starting to hit me. Thatís because the Boss surfaced yesterday, after a week of noodling around in Texas. I donít know what he was doing there with his ex-girlfriendís family, but my guess is somebody needed to be nagged about some petty detail and invited the most likely person to help out. Some day he wonít be able to see as well that a base molding isnít quite flush or a bit of grout hasnít been completely cleaned up, and he will be a lot easier to live with. For now, his eyes are still annoyingly sharp, and his mind is annoyingly quick to point out whatever he notices.

Itís not that Iíve talked to him since he got back, but at mid afternoon yesterday, the fax started whirring and spitting, and it hasnít stopped since. I could have called him and asked the questions Iíve been holding for him, and given him the messages he failed to check in for, but I didnít. Monday will come soon enough for that. I did fax one note back to him, telling him that Iíd already done something he was asking me to do, and Iíd done it differently than heíd asked, because he wasnít there to tell me how to do it his way. If he doesnít like it, thatís on him for disappearing. (Actually, he doesnít care.)

But thatís not what January means. What January means is that I have payroll tax returns to do, monthly and quarterly and yearly. I have sales tax returns, which now have to be done monthly and reconciled quarterly, in a new bid by the state government to keep money flowing in. I have 1099s and W-2s (and 1096s and W-3s, for that matter), and I have to get the financial records ready to go to the accountant for annual statements. And the reason it all hit me this weekend is that I know that with the Boss back after so long away, heíll be monopolizing my time, and I wonít be getting any of this done as quickly and easily as Iíd like.

2 January 2009

Cloud menace.

So thatís why I spent so much of my Sunday working on things that in an ordinary month, one that isnít January, could wait for a few days. If I donít get started now, I wonít get finished by the deadlines. Iím already exhausted just thinking about what January means.

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