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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I realize that people actually go out in bad weather and lead their normal lives. When I read that the Midwest is ďparalyzedĒ by a snowstorm, I know that it doesnít keep people shut up in their homes in total isolation. At least, I donít think thatís what happens. Today was gloomy and rainy here, and it kept me indoors even though I had other plans. I left for the post office with certain intentions, but instead of following through I just turned around and came home.

Itís just as well, because this was the day I had set aside to do some major, serious typing of a proposal that could mean a big job for the Company. We could use another big job, because the big jobs weíre doing now are coming to an end. Iím hoping that the typing I spent this miserable day doing will help keep the money rolling in. If it does, it was worth it. Even if it doesnít, this wasnít a day I wanted to be out on the wet, chilly streets.

Iím not a big fan of winter weather, even in California where winter isnít as big a deal as it is in Iowa or New Hampshire. I can take a little bit of cold, or a little bit of rain, but I canít stand a lot of both, and I really hate it when itís so dark all day that it feels like night. I guess itís good to have something to keep me busy on a day like this.

Only once today did the Boss phone to find out how I was doing on the proposal, and it was when I was just finishing up and almost ready to fax it to him. Then after he got it, he called again to find out where a certain section of it was, and I had to tell him I had no knowledge of that section because heíd never provided me with it.

So now the ballís back in his court, except that heíll get the new section to me whenever he feels like it and expect to have it back and polished rightthisminute. And you know what? Thatís probably the way itíll go down. I donít punish him just because he makes a mistake, but I expect the same courtesy in return.

31 December 2007

Through the trees, to the trees.

Iím not really very good company on days like this. (Can you tell?) I tend to shut down and wallow. If you told me something today, youíd better tell me again tomorrow, because I probably didnít get it. Itís a good thing it was words I was typing today, and not numbers, because I tend to get numbers wrong when my mind has been disabled. I donít worry about the words, because I know the Boss is going to proofread everything I send him and change it a half dozen times anyway. By the time we get to a final draft, maybe the sun will come out.

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