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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Before I could walk out to the end of the driveway to pick up my mail this afternoon, I had to give myself a little pep talk.

ďItís just rain,Ē I told myself. ďItís just mud. Itís just a gale-force wind blowing the rain in your face so you canít see how to step around the mud.Ē

Even with all this positive thinking, it took me an hour to work myself up to walking out the front door. I was sort of hoping there would be a break in the storm and I could dash between heavy blasts of rain. Yeah, that didnít actually work out. All it did was get darker and closer to the time when Iíd have to take a flashlight along.

13 January 2010

Was it worth it? Well, I did get soaked through, but itís not as if I donít have plenty of towels. Besides, I got a haircut last week, so it was a lot easier to dry my head than it would have been in January. And there was mail. I got:

  • The latest Entertainment Weekly, with an Oscar nomination rundown. (Woody Harrelson was nominated, but not for Zombieland?)

  • The latest Book-of-the-Month Club mailer. (Iíve already declined this monthís selections on line, and in fact I havenít bought anything from them (other than cookbooks and graphic novels) since I got my Kindle.)

  • And a letter from the former Saturn dealer, letting me know that even though theyíre now a Chevy dealer, they still want to service my 2003 Ion. And why wouldnít I keep going there, since the Boss pays my service bills?

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