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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Somehow I talked the Boss into loaning the company enough money to get us by until our next big check comes in. Then it dawned on me that heís actually subsidizing my salary (among other things). So now Iím even more beholden to him than I already was. But I have to admit that in todayís economy, you take what you can get.

When the auditor was here Friday, he talked about the state government cutbacks. It affects him because he works for a state-sponsored agency, even though itís not technically a part of the government. It affects me because a lot of the work the company does is for the state. Everybodyís worried, and soon state employees will have to take two extra unpaid days off each month.

I mentioned to the auditor that if the Boss asked me to take a pay cut to save my job, Iíd do it. But I also said that I wouldnít suggest it, or volunteer for it. And with the money the Boss put into the company today (thank goodness heís rich, or there wouldnít be a company today), it looks as if my job is secure, as long as heís still around.

4 February 2009

Clouds coming in from the west..

However, I donít think Iíd take a pay cut to save someone elseís job. If I made executive money, I might consider it. But down here on the ground where I live, itís every peon for himself. I think Tim should work for free before anyone expects me to. After all, heís the Bossís son and will inherit the company one day. Assuming thereís anything left of it by then, of course.

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