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Saturday, February 4, 2006

It seems that every team in D.J.ís basketball league has players that are taller than anyone on his team. But the team they played today had nothing but kids who looked to be about twice the size of everyone on the Bulls. It was like playing a team of nine-year-olds (and to tell the truth, Iíd like to have checked a few IDs.)

It was really no contest, and it wasnít just because the Bulls were a few players short. They were also short, period. They didnít get a rebound in the whole game, and they wouldnít have scored at all if they didnít have one aggressive player who wasnít afraid to rip the ball out of the taller kidsí hands. That wasnít enough, though, and the other team won, 44-12. It was just as bad a drubbing as it sounds.

As always, though, the kids had no idea they were being beaten so badly. It wasnít easy to watch, but in a way it was easier than a closer game like last weekís, because there was never a time after the first minute when they had the slightest chance to win. Knowing thereís nothing they could do made it a little easier to see them lose. Knowing they didnít care made it a lot easier.

4 February 2006

The game stops so D.J. can tie his shoes. (This was the Bulls' best defense.)

Itís a good thing I had that game to break up my day, because I didnít have the energy to do much of anything else. I think this deal with the phone line is starting to wear on me. I donít like being unconnected. I donít know how I did it for the first 35 years of my life. I donít have much in the way of social skills, so the only way I interact with people is on line. And now Iím off. Itís making me a little crazy.

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As I drove out to D.J.ís game this afternoon, what should I find at the end of my driveway but — no, not mud. A refrigerator. Someone had abandoned a very large refrigerator in the turnout at the end of my drive. How long Iíll have to deal with that new obstacle is anyoneís guess, but judging from the fact that it took a month to lose the mud, Iím not overly hopeful.

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