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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, I was going to write a big, whiny moan about how I hate computers and came close to chucking mine out the picture window tonight, but I think Iíd better tone it down a bit. Iím not chucking anything just yet, but Iím giving up on trying to make this wireless router work, which means Iím giving up on the Roku. For now. Until I figure out how to get whatever kind of help I need. Because I sure as heck canít do it myself.

I proved that tonight by following the directions on the CD that came with the router to the letter, and having it tell me on four or five different occasions, that it ďcannot continueĒ because of Error 302, whatever that means. I couldnít even find an explanation for that anywhere in the documentation, so I unplugged everything and went back to my old reliable DSL modem, fully wired. Both the modem and I: fully wired, after all that.

When I checked out help forums, I found two things: (a) Other people were having the same problems with this setup system. And (2) Where explanations were given, I couldnít follow them anyway, so whatís the use? I need some space from this situation for now. I need to think about things I can do and not dwell on what I canít.

4 February 2009

Western cloudscape.

So itís a good thing I decided not to whine, isnít it?

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