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Monday, February 11, 2008

Back in the old days, I used to get an urge every so often to rearrange all the furniture in the house. It kept me from getting bored with my life, but I canít really do that now. Everything in this house is already in the place that makes the most sense, and any changes would make for (a) more clutter, and (2) less efficient workspace.

So I keep doing something else. I keep rearranging my work day. The latest configuration is something I tried out today, and it involves working more in the evening and less during the day. The advantages of this arrangement are a little hard to justify, but the best part is that it divides the day up into manageable segments. I still have to respond every time the phone rings or a fax comes in, but now I can get through a task quickly, and then sit and read a few chapters, and in the end the same amount of work gets done. In fact, it probably gets done better, because Iím doing more of it when Iím fresh from a rest period.

Iím not completely convinced that this is going to work out for the long run, but it made today one of my best in awhile. Everything that Iíd marked to get through on my to-do list is done, except one item that involves faxing a report to someone whose fax machine refused to pick up all day. Otherwise, that would be done, too. Iíve marked a few items for tomorrow, but because I wonít be home tomorrow night, Iíll have to get them done during the day. Or, you know, leave them for the next day. Iím fairly practiced at that tactic, and good at it.

11 February 2008

Red-shouldered hawk in the oak in my yard.

Today was the last day that Mom could drive. She didnít pass the eye test when she went in to renew her license in December, and she was given a two-month extension, which expired today. I advised her to go ahead and keep driving without a license, because she can drive better than most of the idiots on the road who can see, but she wouldnít go for that.

Anyway, I just want to say that sheís okay with it, maybe even a little relieved, and weíll be there for her when she needs to get somewhere. But sheís independent and plans to take buses and taxis, and sheís okay with that, too. It takes a lot of strength and confidence to face big changes in your life and just plow through them like that. I hope I got some of that from her.

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