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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My afternoon break evolved into a full-on nap today. It's a good thing I set the kitchen timer for half an hour. (I'm a pretty generous supervisor when it comes to breaks for my hard-working underling. And I'm a grateful underling because of my supervisor's generosity.)

This was the first time I've used the timer for my break. Actually, it's the first time in about two months I've taken the time to take a break in the afternoon. It was a wild success, too. I got more done today than I have in — oh, I don't know — about two months. More than in any one day, anyway.

It helped that I was on one task more or less all day. I was paying company bills (with money we don't have yet, but that's another story altogether). A little interruption sometimes slows me down so much that I can't get going again, but that timer's ringer is loud. There's no way I was going back to sleep.

It didn't really start out as a nap at all. I was going to read. I haven't taken enough time for reading so far this year, and I'm feeling deprived. I don't like reading at night because I can't see as well, so that leaves the brief few hours of daylight we get in the winter. If I don't make time, I don't get time.

And it's no reflection on any of the three books I picked up just after I set the timer. Once I sat in the recliner, nothing was going to keep me awake for long. I'd like for this to become a planned part of my day, but I don't know if it's possible. Each day flows differently, and sometimes I'm at the mercy of the current. I'm not always in control. I've lost a lot of oars over the years; they must all be downstream somewhere.

But when I can, I'd like to take a half an hour in the afternoon to read or nap or just get away from my desk. I worked later than usual today, not because I'd taken that time out, but because the time out had energized me. I'm just happy the phone didn't ring while I was out cold. I probably would have had to start over and reset the timer.

30 January 2004

These two sheds sit along the side fence at the corner of my back yard.

"Planned downtime" is a phrase that keeps popping up in messages from my web host. It's usually for basic maintenance, and that's why I'm trying to work it into my own schedule. It's especially important because I don't make good use of my regular downtime. If I could sleep all night, I'm sure I'd make it through the day without a nap. Since I can't, I don't. It only makes sense to work one in whenever possible.

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I also have to find a way to quit working in time to get some homework done in the afternoon. It'll be so much better when daylight savings time starts and the light lasts longer. It'll be better for my peace of mind, and it'll also give me more time to do the things that can only be done under the sun. (But I am going to the eye doctor in two weeks. I know new glasses will help me make the nighttime hours more productive as well.)

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