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Saturday, February 11, 2006

One of these times when I go to see the kids, Iím going to remember my camera. For now, though, Iíll gladly trade a few photos for a little floor time with Aiden. I did have my camera in my pocket today, while he was running in circles around me. I didnít want to change anything by having a flash go off in his face.

A little Aiden Therapy was just what I needed today, too. With the Boss and Tim constantly putting pressure on me to get the financial reports out, and then both of them distracting me with other work so that I canít get anything done, Iíve felt a bit down all week. But you canít feel down when Aiden turns on that irresistible smile. He lights up a room and lights up your heart.

Heís a born entertainer, and he knows heís funny. Itís not just that he remembers what makes you laugh. He also comes up with new routines every time I see him. He even uses props. Today he was rummaging around on the kitchen counter (which is above his head, so itís a matter of what interesting things he can reach), and he found ďmamaís cameraĒ (which I immediately removed from his reach, and he totally agreed that we donít play with mamaís camera, no problem).

But then he came up with ďmamaís talk-talk,Ē which was Tammyís cell phone. He stuck it up to my ear and said ďhi,Ē in a perfect imitation of his momís phone voice. Thatís cute, right? But then he took the phone back and marched around me, saying ďother side,Ē and put the phone up to my other ear and repeated his ďhi.Ē I think a great comedian sells his routine by being amused by himself, and Aiden definitely falls into that category. It was impossible not to be as amused by him as he was by himself.

11 February 2006

Night shot, under the old oak.

Kylie was in a much better mood today than she was last night, although she still wasnít having much to do with me. She was content to sit on her daddyís lap and squeak and squeal. I did get her to smile at me once, but when she thought I was getting too forward, she gave me the quivering lower lip. So I gave her the space she wanted, for now. Sheís only five months old, so thereís plenty of time for her to get used to me. I think she and Aiden will make a great team some day. Maybe even a comedy team.

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Itís maybe not the only sure thing in the Olympics, but the surest of sure things might be that the U.S. and Canada will meet in the womenís hockey gold medal game. There has never been an international tournament that hasnít worked out that way, and the rivalry is as strong and heated as any in sports. The U.S. women beat Switzerland today, 6-0, and Canada beat the host country, Italy, 16-0. I think both teams are taking things pretty seriously in Torino.

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