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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Itís a good thing the days are getting longer. Right now, in the bleak midwinter, if you decide to take a nap in the afternoon, youíre liable to wake up in the dark. Thatís what happened to me today, except that I didnít exactly ďdecide.Ē I was reading, and my eyes were getting heavy, so I decided to close them for a little while. The rest was out of my hands.

This was one of only two days out of the whole week that I have daylong access to the Internet, so youíd think Iíd take advantage. But Iíve found it no easier to sit at the computer on the weekend with a browser than it is to sit there on a weekday with a spreadsheet. Doing too much of one thing at one time, even one thing I enjoy, is still too much.

Still, I donít count this as a wasted day, by any means. It wasnít as if I was missing anything more important than getting caught up on sleep, after all. Or even partially caught up.

5 February 2009

Arrangment in grey and black (and blue and white).

When I did wake up it was winter again. It was raining, and the wind was blowing, and I was content to be warm and safe inside instead of stuck out there in the middle of it.

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